Millennium Hilton Seoul to permanently close Saturday

SEOUL– The Millennium Hilton Seoul hotel will permanently close Saturday 40 years after the hotel opened in South Korea.

The hotel chain posted a notice on its official website, saying it will close down all operations by the last day of 2022, according to industry sources Thursday.

“We thank your kind support and interest in the Millennium Hilton Seoul. The hotel will no longer be included in the Hilton portfolio from Jan. 1, 2023,” the notice read.

Built in 1983, the Millennium Hilton Seoul is a five-star hotel located in central Seoul. The building was designed by South Korea’s leading contemporary architect, Kimm Jong-soung.

The hotel building was previously owned by DW Development Co. but was sold to City Developments Limited, a Singapore-based real-estate developer, during the 1997 Asian financial crisis.

Its current owner, IGIS Asset Management Co., said it plans to tear down the hotel building and construct a new residential complex of office spaces and hotels.

Source: Yonhap News Agency

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