Asian Disaster Reduction Center: 2021 Annual Report

1. Asian Disaster Reduction Center

Established in 1998, the Asian Disaster Reduction Center (ADRC) is a regional initiative aimed at enhancing disaster resilience, building safer communities, and creating a society where sustainable development is attainable among its 31-member countries (Annex 1: History of Establishment of ADRC).

1.1 Key Activities

ADRC activities, as reported in its Annual Report, are focused on three pillars:

Information sharing. This includes the ADRC website, GLobal unique disaster IDEntifier (GLIDE) number system, Sentinel Asia, and Asian Conference on Disaster Reduction (ACDR).

Human resource development. This includes the Visiting Researchers (VR) Programmes as well as seminars, workshops, and training on disaster risk reduction.

Cooperation among member countries and partner organizations. This includes development and promotion of innovative tools as well as forging partnerships and networks to advance community resilience to disasters.

After 21 years of functioning as part of the Urban Disaster Research Institute (UDRI), ADRC became independent and obtained a corporate status in April 2020 following the launching of ADRC Foundation.
Under this newly reconfigured status, ADRC gained greater flexibility in performing its international operations as well as bolstering its domestic activities.

1.2 Composition

ADRC is composed of member and advisor countries (Figure 1.1 Map of member and advisor countries) as well as partner organizations.

Source: Government of the Republic of Korea

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