Celltrion Finalizes Merger with Celltrion Healthcare in Strategic Corporate Integration

SEOUL — Celltrion Inc., a leading South Korean pharmaceutical company, announced the completion of its merger with sales affiliate Celltrion Healthcare on Thursday. This move is a significant step in the firm's long-term strategy of corporate integration.

According to Yonhap News Agency, The merger, approved by the company's board and shareholders, has led to the dissolution of Celltrion Healthcare. Celltrion has restructured its operations into three main divisions: manufacturing and development, global sales, and general management. These divisions will be headed by Kee Woo-sung, Kim Hyoung-ki, and Seo Jin-seok, the chairman of Celltrion's board.

This strategic integration aligns with Celltrion Chairman Seo Jung-jin's vision, articulated three years ago, to unify the group's three listed companies — Celltrion, Celltrion Healthcare, and Celltrion Pharm. The aim is to bolster the company's global standing as a producer of biosimilars and new drugs by enhancing cost-effectiveness and diversifying its product portfolio.

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