Cuban Arts University to Launch Korean Language Course Amid Growing Bilateral Ties

An arts university in Cuba will introduce a Korean language course next month on a trial basis, signaling a deepening cultural exchange following the recent establishment of diplomatic relations between South Korea and Cuba.

According to Yonhap News Agency, the initiative to start the language course at the Instituto Superior de Arte (ISA) began in January and may become a regular part of the curriculum by September. This move comes amid increasing interest in Korean language education and follows the formal establishment of Seoul-Havana diplomatic ties. Chung Ho-hyeon, principal of the Korean Language School in Cuba, highlighted the significance of this development within the context of Cuba's emphasis on public education, noting it as an important step in promoting Korean language and culture in the wake of new diplomatic relations.

The establishment of formal ties was marked by an exchange of diplomatic notes between representatives of South Korea and Cuba at the United Nations in New York this Wednesday. The ISA, founded in 1976 by the Cuban government, provides higher education across various art genres and offers language courses in several languages, with Korean soon to join the list. This development follows a brief period of Korean language instruction at the University of Havana, which ended in 2018 due to internal factors.

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