Funeral Held for Firefighters Who Died in Duty at South Korean Meat Processing Factory

SEOUL – A somber funeral ceremony was held on Saturday for two firefighters, Kim Soo-kwang, 27, and Park Soo-hoon, 35, who tragically lost their lives while responding to a fire at a meat processing factory in Mungyeong, located 140 kilometers southeast of Seoul. The ceremony took place at Daejeon National Cemetery, where the firefighters were laid to rest. The event was attended by their grieving families and approximately 100 colleagues, marking a moment of deep sorrow and remembrance for the fallen heroes.

According to Yonhap News Agency, Kim and Park were engaged in a search operation for potential victims within the burning facility when they were suddenly overtaken by the flames and became trapped on Wednesday. Throughout his five years of service, Kim had responded to over 500 emergency incidents, demonstrating a steadfast commitment to public safety. Similarly, Park had dedicated two years of service, during which he contributed to saving lives at more than 400 scenes. Their sacrifice has been mourned by the community and serves as a poignant reminder of the dangers faced by firefighters in the line of duty.

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