Georgy Zinoviev Commences Tenure as New Russian Ambassador to South Korea

SEOUL: Georgy Zinoviev has arrived in Seoul to begin his appointment as the new Russian Ambassador to South Korea. He replaces Andrey Kulik, who served in the position since August 2018. Zinoviev, a seasoned diplomat with a focus on China and Asia affairs, was appointed by Russian President Vladimir Putin last month.

According to Yonhap News Agency, Zinoviev's arrival comes at a time when relations between Moscow and Seoul are strained due to Russia's involvement in the Ukraine conflict and South Korea's participation in international sanctions against Russia. There are also suspicions of Russia's illegal arms dealings with North Korea. In a recent interview, Zinoviev expressed hope for improving bilateral relations, acknowledging South Korea's efforts to minimize the impact of Western sanctions on their cooperation. He described South Korea as "one of the friendliest among unfriendly countries," highlighting the delicate balance Seoul maintains in its foreign relations.

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