Hanchem and NAVER See Gains While Korea Aerospace and COWAY Decline in KOSPI 200 Closing Prices

SEOUL - The closing prices for KOSPI 200 stocks traded on the main Korea Stock Exchange on Tuesday showed significant gains for companies like Hanchem and NAVER, while Korea Aerospace and COWAY experienced declines.

According to a new release by Yonhap News Agency, Hanchem closed at 156,200, up by 3,500 points, and NAVER witnessed an impressive rise, closing at 187,000, an increase of 8,700 points.

On the other hand, Korea Aerospace saw its closing price decline by 1,250 points, settling at 48,250. COWAY also ended the trading day with a decline, its stock closing at 42,200, down by 1,200 points.

Among telecom companies, SK Telecom saw a modest rise, closing at 49,750, up by 250 points. KT, another major player in the sector, closed down by 250 points at 32,500.

In the energy sector, KEPCO closed at 16,320, a decline of 50 points, while LOTTE ENERGY MATERIALS Corp experienced a substantial rise, closing at 40,250, up by 2,650 points.

Financial stocks showed mixed results. Samsung Secu ended the day at 36,250, up by 400 points, whereas IBK closed at 11,660, down by 50 points.

Retail companies also showed varied trends. LOTTE SHOPPING saw an increase, closing at 71,000, up by 1,500 points. On the flip side, LOTTE WELLFOOD declined by 1,200 points, closing at 110,300.

In the automotive industry, KIA CORP closed at 82,100, down by 900 points. Among airlines, Asiana Airlines closed at 9,410, down by 170 points.

Overall, the market exhibited a mixture of gains and losses across multiple sectors, indicating a volatile trading day for the KOSPI 200 Index.

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