KOSPI 200 Closing Price List-3 Indicates Fluctuating Stock Prices

The KOSPI 200 closing price list-3 indicated fluctuating stock prices across various sectors. SamsungSecu and SK saw increases, with SamsungSecu up 350 points. KG DONGBU STL, SKTelecom, and HyundaiElev witnessed declines. SAMSUNG SDS, KOREA AEROSPACE, and KUMHOTIRE also faced decreases. Hanon Systems and Handsome experienced minor drops. LOTTE ENERGY MATERIALS Corp and COWAY saw declines, while LOTTE SHOPPING and IBK also experienced downward movements.

According to Yonhap News Agency, DONGSUH and SamsungEng faced decreases, while SAMSUNG C&T saw an increase. PanOcean and CheilWorldwide experienced minor declines. LOTTE WELLFOOD and KT&G witnessed changes, with KT&G showing an upward trend. Doosan Enerbility, LG Display, Kangwonland, and NAVER faced decreases, while Kakao remained unchanged. NCsoft, HANATOUR SERVICE, COSMAX, and KIWOOM experienced declines. Asiana Airlines and KumhoPetrochem saw increases, while HITEJINRO remained unchanged.

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