KOSPI 200 Closing Prices Show Mixed Results in Latest Trading Session

SEOUL - The latest closing prices of the KOSPI 200 index exhibited a mix of gains and losses among major South Korean companies. Significant movements were observed in several key stocks during the trading session.

According to Yonhap News Agency, SK Innovation closed at 116,800 won, down by 3,500 won, while POONGSAN ended the day at 38,700 won, a decrease of 500 won. KB Financial Group saw an uptick, closing at 55,900 won, up by 300 won. Hansae and Youngone Corp also recorded increases, with Hansae closing at 20,450 won, up by 780 won, and Youngone Corp at 46,150 won, up by 1,750 won. CSWIND marginally increased by 100 won to close at 58,100 won. Other notable movements included GKL, down by 50 won at 12,940 won, and KOLON IND, which decreased by 150 won to close at 40,750 won. HanmiPharm ended the day at 330,000 won, down by 4,500 won.

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