KOSPI 200 Companies Experience Mixed Closing Prices

SEOUL — The closing stock prices for companies listed on the KOSPI 200 index displayed a mixed performance,

According to Yonhap News Agency, Youngone Corp closed at 51,600 won, up by 600 won. Conversely, CSWIND ended the day at 46,850 won, down by 250 won. GKL increased by 320 won, closing at 15,510 won. KOLON IND saw a rise of 850 won, ending at 43,900 won.

In the pharmaceutical sector, HanmiPharm closed higher at 281,500 won, an increase of 5,500 won. Similarly, Meritz Financial and BNK Financial Group experienced price changes, closing at 50,300 won (up by 600 won) and 6,810 won (down by 80 won), respectively.

In the tech sector, SAMSUNG BIOLOGICS closed at 721,000 won, down by 2,000 won, while HYBE saw a significant increase, closing at 219,500 won, up by 7,500 won.

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