LGCHEM Soars by 12,500 Points While KEPCO KPS and LGELECTRONICS Suffer Notable Drops in KOSPI 200

Seoul, South Korea – The KOSPI 200 index exhibited a complex landscape of both gains and losses among the South Korean companies it tracks. LGCHEM emerged as one of the top gainers, while companies like KEPCO KPS and LGELECTRONICS saw significant drops in their stock prices.

According to a new release by Yonhap News Agency, 200 Closing Price List-2, LGCHEM experienced a remarkable uptick, gaining 12,500 points to close at 438,500. In contrast, KEPCO KPS lost 650 points to end at 32,650, and LGELECTRONICS declined by 3,700 points, closing at 101,600.

Hanon Systems and ShinpoongPharm were also among the gainers, with their stocks going up by 140 and 130 points, respectively, closing at 7,140 and 11,730. Handsome and IBK, on the other hand, ended the trading session with losses of 450 and 40 points, settling at 18,310 and 11,520.

LOTTE ENERGY MATERIALS Corp showed significant gains, rising by 1,350 points to close at 380,000. Asiana Airlines and COWAY also gained 250 and 100 points, ending at 9,640 and 42,050. However, KEPCO E&C and ShinhanGroup experienced losses, declining by 1,400 and 50 points to close at 52,500 and 35,000.

Other stocks that gained include HYUNDAIHOMESHOP, up by 50 points to close at 41,550; DAEWOONG PHARM, up by 800 points to close at 101,000; and HYUNDAIDEPTST, which rose by 500 points to settle at 53,900. In contrast, HYUNDAI ROTEM and Celltrion witnessed drops of 800 and 200 points, closing at 23,750 and 149,500 respectively.

GS and LIG Nex1 were among the stocks that ended with losses, declining by 250 and 2,200 points to settle at 39,300 and 85,800. Fila Holdings and DONGSUH also saw drops, falling by 1,300 and 210 points to close at 35,000 and 17,110.

PanOcean and SAMSUNG CARD made minor gains of 20 and 500 points, respectively, closing at 4,255 and 31,300. On the downside, CheilWorldwide and LOTTE TOUR lost 140 and 190 points, closing at 19,850 and 10,420.

Stocks like KIH and KT remained unchanged at 49,550 and 32,400, while SAMSUNG LIFE and KT&G experienced declines and gains of 1,200 and 300 points, ending at 71,400 and 86,500 respectively.

The stock market's fluctuating performance points to a cautious investment climate in South Korea, with both gains and losses spread across multiple sectors.

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