Naver Cloud and NHN Cloud Forge Partnership to Boost AI Capabilities

SEOUL - Naver Cloud Corp. has announced a strategic partnership with NHN Cloud Corp. through a memorandum of understanding aimed at enhancing their artificial intelligence (AI) business and fostering a robust domestic AI ecosystem.

According to Yonhap News Agency, the collaboration will focus on the development of multi-cloud services leveraging Naver Corp.'s advanced hyperscale AI model, HyperCLOVA X, and will explore large language model businesses within the public sector.

Naver Cloud, a subsidiary of Naver Corp., South Korea's premier internet portal operator, intends to establish an AI platform centered on HyperCLOVA X. This initiative is designed to augment the competitiveness of South Korea's AI ecosystem and its technological advancements in the field. CEO Kim Yu-won highlighted the growing global competition in the AI industry, emphasizing the era of "AI nationalism" and expressing the company's commitment to expanding the domestic AI ecosystem through this collaboration.

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