Opposition Leader Lee Jae-myung to Resume Work After Recovering from Stabbing Incident

SEOUL: Lee Jae-myung, the leader of the opposition, is set to return to work this Wednesday, 15 days after a stabbing attack that resulted in neck surgery, as confirmed by his party. Lee Jae-myung, who chairs the Democratic Party (DP), will resume his duties by leading a meeting of the party's Supreme Council at the National Assembly.

According to Yonhap News Agency, a spokesperson for the DP, following the Supreme Council meeting, Lee will participate in an event to welcome new members to the party. He will also commence extensive efforts focused on preparing for the general elections and revitalizing the livelihoods of the people. Lee was attacked on January 2 in Busan, a southeastern port city, where a man in his 60s, pretending to be an autograph-seeker, stabbed him in the neck. He was then airlifted to Seoul and underwent a surgical procedure to treat a major vein laceration in his neck.

The assailant, during police interrogation, confessed that he stabbed Lee to prevent him from becoming the president. Meanwhile, on Tuesday, approximately 800 DP lawmakers, aides, and party members assembled outside the Assembly building, demanding full disclosure of all details concerning Lee's attacker.

The DP's floor leader, Rep. Hong Ihk-pyo, has urged the police to disclose the assailant's political affiliations. This follows a news report claiming that the suspect was a longstanding member of the People Power Party before joining the DP. However, the police have decided against revealing such information, citing legal restrictions that prevent investigative agencies from disclosing information obtained during investigations.

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