President Yoon Announces Enhanced Support for South Korean Youth

SEOUL - President Yoon Suk Yeol announced a series of measures aimed at supporting the youth of South Korea, including increased scholarships and tax exemptions for birth incentives provided by employers. Speaking at a public debate in Gwangmyeong, just outside Seoul, Yoon addressed the needs and concerns of young South Koreans, emphasizing the importance of providing them with hope and opportunities for a better future. According to the president, the government plans to expand the state scholarship program to cover 1.5 million college students, increase the number of beneficiaries in work-study scholarship programs, and introduce a new scholarship for housing support. Additionally, to combat the low birth rate, Yoon outlined initiatives to offer more substantial support to young parents and introduce tax exemptions for birth allowances from employers. Further measures include easing the terms for a savings account with favorable interest rates, expanding international exchange programs, introducing tax dedu ctions for sports facility usage, and improving access to mental health services. These initiatives reflect the government's commitment to addressing the challenges faced by young South Koreans and supporting their aspirations for education, employment, and family life.

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