Seoul and Washington Strengthen Cybersecurity Cooperation Against North Korea

SEOUL – In a significant development aimed at countering North Korea's cyber threats, South Korea and the United States convened a working-level cyber policy meeting in Seoul. The focus of the meeting was to enhance collaborative efforts against the growing cyber threats from North Korea, as stated by the South Korean foreign ministry.

According to the Yonhap News Agency, the seventh Cyber Policy Coordination Meeting was led by Lee Dong-ryeol, the South Korean foreign ministry's ambassador for international security affairs, and Liesyl Franz, deputy assistant secretary for international cyberspace security in the U.S. Department of State's Bureau of Cyberspace and Digital Policy. During the meeting, both countries acknowledged the serious security threat posed by North Korea's nuclear and missile programs, which are allegedly funded by cryptocurrency theft. This threat extends not only to Seoul and Washington but also to global peace.

The two sides committed to expand cooperation in addressing North Korea's increasing cyber threats. They agreed to enhance coordination for cybercrime investigations, including expanding information sharing and facilitating people-to-people exchanges in anti-hacking efforts. Additionally, they discussed technology cooperation and the development of joint cybersecurity drills in the defense sector. This collaboration underscores the shared commitment of South Korea and the United States to safeguard against cyber threats from North Korea.

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