Seoul Police Investigate Spread of Fake Image of Opposition Leader

SEOUL — Authorities in Seoul are actively searching for the individual responsible for distributing a counterfeit image of opposition leader Lee Jae-myung in a prison uniform. The Hyehwa Police Station, located in the heart of Seoul, initiated an investigation after receiving a report concerning the fabricated image found in the Jongno district's commercial-residential building.

According to Yonhap News Agency, the complaint was lodged by an official from the camp of Kwak Sang-eon, a Democratic Party (DP) candidate vying for a parliamentary seat in Jongno. The action was taken after a resident discovered the image and delivered it to Kwak's office. Police have since collected two copies of the contentious image and are gathering further evidence through witness accounts. Investigators are reviewing CCTV footage and analyzing fingerprints on the images to pinpoint the distributor's identity.

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