Shifts in South Korean Bond Yields as of March 12, 2024

SEOUL — The latest bond yield figures for South Korea on March 12, 2024, reveal minor fluctuations across various maturities when compared to the previous session's numbers.

According to Yonhap News Agency, the yield on 1-year treasury bills (TB) decreased by 3.4 basis points (BP) to 3.361%, while the 2-year TB yield saw a slight increase of 1.2 BP, settling at 3.357%. The 3-year TB experienced a minimal decrease of 0.2 BP, with a new yield of 3.273%.

Long-term bonds, such as the 10-year TB, also saw a reduction in yield by 0.7 BP, bringing it to 3.335%. Meanwhile, the 2-year monetary stabilization bonds (MSB) increased by 0.5 BP to 3.350%, and the 3-year corporate bonds (CB) rated AA- edged up by 0.3 BP to 3.917%. Additionally, the yield on 91-day certificates of deposit (CD) fell by 1.0 BP to 3.660%, indicating subtle yet significant movements in the South Korean bond market as of March 12, 2024.

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