South Korean Defense Minister Urges Strengthened Anti-Drone Measures Against North Korea

SEOUL: South Korea's Defense Minister Shin Won-sik has called for an enhancement of the country's defense capabilities in response to the escalating drone threats from North Korea.

According to Yonhap News Agency, located 52 kilometers northeast of Seoul, the need to fortify South Korea's military posture against North Korean drones is critical. This visit included an inspection of the military's upcoming deployment of small stealth drones and unmanned attack aerial vehicles.

Shin highlighted the increasing level of asymmetric threats from North Korea, noting the advancements in their drone capabilities and their ongoing nuclear and missile programs. His remarks came during a visit to the Drone Operations Command, which was established in September to improve South Korea's counter-drone measures. This move was in response to several incursions by North Korean drones into South Korean airspace in late 2022, which raised serious concerns about South Korea's ability to effectively counter these threats.

Pyongyang has been actively developing its drone capabilities, as evidenced by the display of surveillance and attack drones at an arms exhibition and a military parade in July. Additionally, North Korea committed to the development of new drones during a key year-end meeting of its ruling Workers' Party, further indicating the urgency for South Korea to bolster its defenses against such threats.

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