South Korean Newspapers Highlight North Korea’s Artillery Provocation and National Issues

SEOUL: Major South Korean newspapers on January 6th focused on various national and regional issues, including North Korea's recent military actions and changes in national health insurance.

According to Yonhap News Agency, North Korea escalated tensions by firing artillery shells into the Yellow Sea after threatening a 'great event'. Donga Ilbo reported that North Korea launched 200 artillery shells, prompting the South Korean military to retaliate with 400 rounds. Segye Times also covered this incident, noting the South's response was double the amount of North Korea's artillery rounds.

Chosun Ilbo highlighted a significant development in national health insurance, reporting that 3.3 million households will see a reduction of 300,000 won in their health insurance costs. JoongAng Ilbo focused on the same artillery provocation by North Korea, emphasizing the military's robust response.

Hankyoreh presented a reflective piece on the five-year tenure of Sim Sang-jung, discussing her challenges and responsibilities. Hankook Ilbo brought attention to the return of special probe bills to the National Assembly and the presidential office's contemplation of establishing an office for the first lady.

In economic news, Maeil Business Newspaper reported that regional subscribers to the national health insurance are set to pay 25,000 won less monthly. Korea Economic Daily revealed a policy change, stating that vehicles will be excluded when determining assets for regional subscribers of national health insurance.

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