South Korean PM Calls Extra Cabinet Meeting Over Controversial Bills

Seoul - Prime Minister Han Duck-soo will chair an extraordinary Cabinet meeting on Friday to discuss proposals for President Yoon Suk Yeol's veto against four contentious bills recently passed by opposition parties. The office of the Prime Minister announced this on Thursday. The meeting will address the "yellow envelope bill," which limits companies' claims against legitimate labor union disputes, and three other broadcasting law revisions aimed at reducing government influence over public broadcasters.

According to Yonhap News Agency, The National Assembly, dominated by the opposition Democratic Party (DP), passed these bills on Nov. 9, following the ruling People Power Party (PPP)'s withdrawal of a filibuster. President Yoon is expected to exercise his veto power before the Dec. 2 deadline. Previously, Yoon vetoed two opposition-led bills: a nursing act defining nurses' roles and responsibilities and a grain bill mandating government rice purchases. The PPP criticizes the yellow envelope bill for potentially damaging the economy and accuses the broadcasting law revisions of favoring the DP.

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