South Korea’s Ruling Party Criticizes Opposition Over Candidate Nominations

SEOUL – The People Power Party (PPP), South Korea's ruling party, has urged the opposition Democratic Party (DP) to overhaul its candidate nomination process for its affiliated satellite party. This call for reform comes in the wake of the resignation of two candidates, Jeon Ji-yeh and Jung Young-yi, who faced backlash over their associations with groups perceived to harbor pro-North Korean and anti-U.S. sentiments.

According to Yonhap News Agency, Park Jung-ha, the controversy has shed light on what the ruling party describes as an attempt by pro-North Korean elements to infiltrate the National Assembly.

The PPP has criticized the DP's approach to candidate nominations, suggesting that the selection panel, composed of individuals from like-minded civic groups, has facilitated the nominations of candidates with questionable allegiances. Park Jung-ha highlighted the potential risks posed by such individuals gaining legislative power, which could, in his view, compromise national security and strain South Korea-U.S. relations.

The incident has sparked intense scrutiny of the DP's nomination process, particularly regarding the influence of civic groups with controversial stances. The PPP has called for a comprehensive overhaul of the nomination procedure to prevent similar issues in the future, stressing the importance of safeguarding the integrity of the nation's political and security landscape.

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