Yonhap News Agency Copyright Notice (02-03-2024)

SEOUL - Yonhap News Agency has issued a reminder regarding the copyright of its content.

According to Yonhap News Agency, all information, including articles, photographs, graphics, and multimedia content, is the intellectual property of Yonhap News Agency. The public is reminded that any use of this content beyond personal and noncommercial purposes is strictly prohibited without prior written consent from Yonhap. This prohibition extends to both reproduction and distribution.

Violations of Yonhap's copyright may lead to compensation claims or legal action, encompassing both civil and criminal proceedings. Those wishing to utilize Yonhap's content for purposes beyond personal use must contact Yonhap's Information Business Department directly for approval. Contact information includes telephone numbers 82-2-398-3557 and 82-2-398-3552.

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