S. Korea releases tourism promotional videos featuring BTS members

SEOUL– The Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) said Thursday it has released two tourism promotional videos on its YouTube channel featuring Suga and Jimin of K-pop megaband BTS.

The videos promoting tourism to the cities of Busan and Daejeon are part of retro-themed music video series titled “Feel the Rhythm of Korea,” which aims to introduce tourism attractions with iconic songs for major cities.

Legendary singer Cho Young-pil’s “Come Back to Busan” is the theme song for the southern port city of Busan and rock band Song Gol-mae’s “A Chance Encounter” is the background music for the central city of Daejeon.

The eastern port city of Pohang’s video featuring hip hop group Drunken Tiger’s “Do you know hip hop?” will be released on Oct. 27, and the southern resort island of Jeju’s video featuring jazz vocalist Park Sung-yeon’s “The Wind is Blowing” will come on Nov. 2.

The KTO said it plans to run billboard ads at major landmarks in the United States, Britain, Singapore, Thailand, Japan and Qatar in the next two months to promote the videos.

Source: Yonhap News Agency

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