South Korea and U.N. Command Discuss Enhanced Cooperation on Veterans Affairs

SEOUL — In a significant meeting held on Monday, South Korea's Vice Veterans Minister Lee Hee-wan engaged with Lieutenant General Derek Macaulay, the newly appointed deputy commander of the U.N. Command (UNC), to explore ways to bolster cooperation on projects honoring veterans of UNC troops. The discussion, which took place at the UNC's headquarters in Pyeongtaek, located 60 kilometers south of Seoul, focused on commemorating the contributions of U.N. veterans as well as past and present members of the UNC and the U.S. Forces Korea (USFK).

According to Yonhap News Agency, Lee emphasized the UNC's role as a testament to the international community's steadfast commitment to upholding freedom. He sought the unit's support for the ministry's initiatives aimed at recognizing the service of U.N. veterans and those affiliated with the UNC and USFK. Lieutenant General Macaulay, representing Canada and officially assuming his position last month after succeeding British Lieutenant General Andrew Harrison, assured Lee of his close cooperation on these projects.

The ministry has, since 2021, been organizing visits for troops who served in the UNC and the USFK after the conclusion of the Korean War as a gesture of gratitude for their service. The U.N. Command, led by USFK Commander General Paul LaCamera, who also serves as the commander of the South Korea-U.S. Combined Forces Command, plays a crucial role in the ongoing defense and security collaboration between South Korea and its international partners.

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