South Korea Finds No Evidence of North Korean Military Parade Preparations

SEOUL — The South Korean military has reported no observable indications that North Korea is gearing up for a military parade, despite the approach of significant national holidays in the communist state. This clarification came from Col. Lee Sung-joon, the Joint Chiefs of Staff spokesperson, in response to speculation fueled by a Voice of America report suggesting potential parade preparations near an airport in Pyongyang, based on commercial satellite imagery.

According to Yonhap News Agency, there has been no verification of North Korea organizing for such an event. Despite the tradition of marking every fifth or tenth anniversary with grand celebrations, Lee highlighted that this year does not align with those typically commemorated with major events. The attention is instead on North Korea's major holidays in April, including the birthday of Kim Il-sung on April 15 and the founding anniversary of the Korean People's Revolutionary Army on April 25. Additionally, the South Korean military is closely monitoring North Korea for any signs of a second launch of a military satellite at its Tongchang-ri site, although no immediate signs have been detected. Collaboration continues between South Korean and U.S. intelligence to observe North Korea's military activities closely.

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