Samsung Workers Launch Integrated Labor Union Across Four Affiliates in Seoul

SEOUL — Workers from four affiliates of Samsung Group are set to launch an integrated labor union next month, marking a significant development in the conglomerate's labor relations history, industry sources revealed on Wednesday. This new union, encompassing employees from various sectors within the conglomerate, made its internal debut earlier in the day during the first intercompany labor union meeting.

According to Yonhap News Agency, the entities involved include the device experience (DX) division of Samsung Electronics Co., Samsung Fire and Marine Insurance Co., Samsung Display Co., and Samsung Biologics Co. The integrated labor union, unprecedented within Samsung, is slated to commence its activities officially in February. It boasts a membership of approximately 13,000, distributed across the four affiliates, with Samsung Electronics DX division contributing 6,000 members, Samsung Fire and Marine Insurance and Samsung Display each adding 3,000, and Samsung Biologics bringing in 1,600 members.

Previously, Samsung's approach to labor organization was characterized by an alliance of individual unions across different affiliates, rather than a single, unified entity. The formation of this integrated union represents a departure from that tradition, positioning it to become one of the largest labor groups within Samsung Group, South Korea's leading conglomerate. Its size is second only to the National Samsung Electronics Labor Union, which has around 14,000 members.

Additionally, workers from Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co., another arm of the conglomerate, are reportedly contemplating joining this new, integrated union, highlighting the potential for further growth in its membership and influence within the company.

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