By Bahk Eun-ji

A fierce battle is looming between smartphone makers.

Samsung Electronics will start selling its new flagship Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge at home and abroad Friday. LG Electronics has already sent official invites to the media to the unveiling of its G4 on April 28.

LG usually releases its flagship models, dubbed the G-series, a few months after the launch of Samsung’s models.

Last year, LG began selling the G3 in May, two months after Samsung launched its Galaxy S5.

Galaxy S6 and the Edge have drawn positive reviews from bloggers and experts. Samsung has focused on hardware and software design with the new models.

But LG is expected to challenge Samsung and Apple. LG officials say it has drastically upgraded the camera function and overhauled specifications and designs.

LG will launch an aggressive marketing campaign for the G4. It said it would select 4,000 consumers in 15 counties to “test drive” the new model weeks before its official launch.

Starting from Korea, the program will target users in 14 other markets ?Turkey, Indonesia, Singapore, China, United States, India, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong and United Kingdom

Including the “experience project,” marketing expenses will be about three times more than those for the G3 last year

Last week, LG revealed the handset has a 55-inch Quad high-definition (QHD) display and will run the UX 40 software.

It shows the model with an f1.8 aperture limit, which means more light on the camera sensor and better image quality in low-light.

Its full camera details are yet to be confirmed, but the company said the G4 would have a leather back cover

There have been rumors that the G4 will have a curved display similar to the LG G Flex, to make it more comfortable to hold and to give a better viewing angle.

SOURCE: The Korea Times