A Japanese netizen is using cigarette ash to create two-dimensional artworks.

Twitter user Shinrashinge(@shin___geki) has displayed his works on transparent glass ash trays. They show the faces of popular fictional characters, including Sanji from “One Piece” and Pikachufrom “Pokemon”, as well as people, such as the late Steve Jobs from Apple.

Shinrashinge, 22,said in his Twitter account that people were harder to draw than cartoon characters. He said while cartoon characters took up to two hours to create in ash, people took about two days.

Shinrashinge said he used tobacco leaves from cigarettes to add color to his ashes works.

Shinrashinge also uses fruit to create art. “Pokemon” characters, Devil Fruits from “One Piece” and “Doraemon” figures are carved on apples, bananas and pears.

Shinrashingesaid he plans to quit smoking.

SOURCE: The Korea Times