SEOUL, A digital expert known for introducing the concept of "the right to be forgotten" to South Korea fell to his death Wednesday in an apparent suicide amid a police investigation into allegations he assaulted a colleague.

Song Myung-bean, head of Marker Group, was found dead on the ground outside his apartment in Goyang, just north of Seoul, according to police. Police said they found his suicide note in Song's home.

Song, 50, was being probed over a complaint filed by the former head of the company, who claims that he was repeatedly beaten by Song with various tools, such as a steel pipe, over the past three years.

Police have sought an arrest warrant for Song and a court hearing was due to be held Wednesday to decide on his detention.

He has denied the allegations, accusing the partner of framing him to conceal his own crimes, including embezzlement of company money.

Song became known for his expertise in digital and multimedia fields. He first introduced the concept of "right to be forgotten," which refers to allowing individuals to have certain data about themselves permanently removed from the Internet so as to secure privacy and remain untraceable.

Source: Yonhap news Agency