Eye-catching video is undoubtedly one of the top ways for marketers to grab an audience’s attention. However, making a stunning video with the potential of going viral can be tricky without the right tools, knowhow, and of course money.

Seoul-based startup Indie CF is hoping that their app Hooree will let small- to medium-sized businesses break past the barriers to create powerful marketing videos straight from their phones. The free app became available on the  App Store on August 26.

How to get a video to go viral

Users can film, edit, and broadcast their videos from inside the app. Along with the editing, the features include overlays, stickers, and text layers. There are also tips and tricks from professional directors that can help users increase the quality of their video.

The end result will be to produce a 15-second video that can be easily uploaded as content for marketers.

In the next stage of pushing the app forward, the company is hoping to work as a hub that can connect its users with professional directors who can help them create affordable videos.

How do they stack up to the rest?

The Indie CF team makes a point of differentiating themselves from competitors like Directr Business and Shakr who provide users with templates, saying that they believe in providing strategies and guides from the pros to let users create their own personal videos. Hooreel is also going up against some of the big social media players like Vine and Instagram, noting that these platforms do not give users the amount of options for editing.

Does it make the cut?

Even seemingly basic video content that can be uploaded regularly to social media can go a long way in helping brands raise awareness. Moreover, helping these businesses avoid the major expenses that can come along with making a quality video will likely be a relief for these users.

As has been seen recently, video consumption in Asia is continuing to rise and startups there are looking for their place in the ecosystem, hoping to be well positioned for the next jump in the market.

It is much less obvious at this stage whether Hooreel can really help their users rise to fame and become viral. Beyond the ability to upload to social media and add features like music and the overlays, it is unclear what other advantages Hooreel provides to their users. The strategies to make videos that will catch eyeballs are important, but so are the steps that marketers take to push their campaigns. Hopefully the Indie CF team will add tips for distribution best practices as they roll out new versions of the app.