Main news and articles on newspapers in Korea on June 6

– The ceremony of the Great Leader Kim Il Sung and the great leader Kim Jong Il’s comrades, and the workers, youth students and the people’s army officers celebrating the ceremony.

– A warm-hearted supreme leader Kim Jong Eun ‘s work titled “Raise the banner of a socialist rural thesis and raise innovation in agricultural production”

– Pleasure to greet the explanation section in Chosun

“The Dongdong Newspaper”

– New construction of Pyeongseong Kimchi factory

– Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, government, party, group meetings, UK and Swiss organizations support the appeal

– Longeon denouncing the maneuvers of South Korean military forces raising heat to strengthen

– Explanation of the heinous rule of Japanese imperialism carried out in Korea for the establishment of the colonial rule

– Written statements about the international efforts to solve the problem of resin scum and the worsening of Russia-NATO relations due to the short-distance and short-distance MIPF

“Democratic Chosun”

– The attempt to assassinate a spy assailed the conflict and friction between Russia and Western countries.

Source: Korean Central News Agency