President Moon Jae-in and U.S. President Donald Trump have agreed on the need for a top-down approach in three-way dialogue among both Koreas and the U.S. for the peace process on the Korean Peninsula, National Security Director Chung Eui-yong said on April 11.

In a news briefing after the Moon-Trump summit at the White House in Washington, Chung said both leaders held a face-to-face talk, small group meeting and expanded summit on denuclearization efforts, including resuming talks between North Korea and the U.S.

President Moon lauded Trump for playing a crucial role in achieving progress in such efforts, including the North's suspension of nuclear and missile tests, through two summits with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Trump thanked President Moon for creating a favorable environment for complete denuclearization by reducing military tension on the peninsula and developing inter-Korean relations.

President Moon also highlighted the importance of a third summit between Washington and Pyeongyang, saying, "The important task I face right now is maintaining the momentum for dialogue and also expressing a positive outlook to the international community that the third U.S.-North Korea summit will be held in the near future."

Trump replied that he is always open to holding talks with the North but that certain steps are needed before a summit can be held.

Both presidents also expressed congratulations for the centennial anniversary of the Korean Provisional Government and agreed to sustain a strong bilateral alliance as the linchpin of peace and security on the peninsula and Northeast Asia.

President Moon mentioned his intent to pursue a fourth inter-Korean summit and asked Trump to visit South Korea.

Source: Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism