SEOUL– South Korea recorded its highest average temperature for March last month, with Seoul seeing its earliest cherry blossom bloom on record, the state weather agency said Tuesday.

According to the Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA), last month’s average temperature was 8.9 C, the highest since monitoring on a national scale began in 1973. The previous records were 8.1 C in 2018 and 7.9 C in 2020.

High atmospheric pressure brought high temperatures, which in turn led to the earliest cherry blossom bloom in Seoul in 99 years on March 24, the KMA said, referencing 1922, when records began.

Also last month, the country received the fourth-highest volume of rain for March since 1973, at 109.2 millimeters.

The KMA said the high temperatures and heavy rainfall were largely due to the influences of weaker high atmospheric pressure in Siberia and ascending air currents from the western Pacific.

Source: Yonhap News Agency