SEOUL, South Korea's foreign ministry issued a special advisory on Wednesday for its nationals to leave Sudan, where anti-government demonstrations are rampant.

Last weekend, tens of thousands of people took to the streets to protest against the current Sudanese president. Unrest has since persisted there.

South Korea had a level two, or yellow, travel warning in place for Khartoum and some other Sudanese regions.

The special advisory is equivalent to a level three, or red, warning.

It added that the new warning is a "temporary" measure to last until the stabilization of local security conditions.

With the alert, it has asked South Koreans staying in Sudan to leave the African nation immediately, unless they are engaged in emergency affairs, and that those who plan to visit there reconsider it.

Around 40 South Koreans are residing in Sudan, according to the ministry.

It earlier issued a level three travel warning for western and southern Sudanese regions including North Darfur.

The ministry said it would continuously review the need to additionally adjust travel warnings for Sudan, closely monitoring local security conditions.

Source: Yonhap news Agency