SEOUL-- A scion of South Korea's Hanwha Group, a chemical-to-finance conglomerate, came under fire once again for misconduct, this time, against lawyers, in the latest case involving the family running one of the country's biggest businesses.

In a statement released Tuesday by Hanwha, Kim Dong-seon, the youngest son of Hanwha Group Chairman Kim Seung-youn, publically apologized for his use of foul language and assault while intoxicated during a dinner meeting with a group of attorneys in September.

"If given the opportunity, I would like to meet with the people I hurt and express my heartfelt apology for my misdeeds," he said in the statement.

Local reports said the 28-year-old reportedly joined a meeting of 10 newly recruited lawyers from a Seoul-based law firm and got drunk, then started making abusive remarks and even waved his fist at some of them.

The law firm, Kim and Chang, didn't release any official statement about the case.

But the Korean Bar Association said Tuesday it will look into the case and ask the affected lawyers to file a damage suit against the younger Kim.

In 2010, Kim, a graduate of Dartmouth College, joined a list of executives at family-controlled business empires found guilty of misbehavior. He was indicted for injuring three employees at a bar, though prosecutors dropped the case.

In January, he was again accused of assaulting employees at a Seoul bar and even damaging a squad car that was transporting him to a police station. He was sentenced to eight months in prison, suspended for two years, as well as 80 hours of community service for the misconduct.

In the same month, he resigned from his post as "new growth engine" team leader at Hanwha Engineering and Construction Corp., a construction affiliate of South Korea's eighth-biggest conglomerate by assets.

Source: Yonhap News Agency