The Government has received approval from the Cabinet of Ministers to enter into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the South Korean Government to improve the country’s forensic services.

Sri Lanka’s Ministry of Justice has proposed to enter into a MoU between the National Forensic Service of the Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs of the Republic of Korea and the Government Analyst Department of the Ministry of Justice, Sri Lanka on the forensic services.

The agreement, among others, aims to promote the standards of the forensic testing of the Government Analyst Department and achieve excellence in the process of investigations into criminal matters in Sri Lanka. Other objectives of the MoU are listed below.

nInstallation of new techniques and methodology for the advancement of laboratory testing in the field of forensic science including research, examination of questioned documents, forensic toxicology, analysis of narcotics, firearms and explosives and the most modern analysis of DNA

nExchange of knowledge of testing methods pertaining to criminal investigations

nExchange of knowledge through workshops, seminars, training programs and meetings conducted by experts

nGranting assistance in purchasing state-of-the-art laboratory equipment and tools

nSecuring accreditation with regard to ‘Inter-Laboratory Proficiency Testing’ and the course of management and regularisation relating to the status of laboratories in the Government Analyst Department.