Banda Aceh, Aceh, Dec 1 (ANTARA News) - A flash flood, triggered by heavy rains, swept through three villages in Southeast Aceh district on Friday, destroying 20 houses and carrying away a mosque.

"Another flash flood hit Southeast Aceh. This time, it affected the three villages of Natam Baru, Kayu Metangur, and Natam Lama in Badar sub-district," acting chief of the Aceh Provincial Disaster Mitigation Agency (BPBA), Teuku Ahmad Dadek, said here on Saturday.

Dadek stated that 17 of the 20 houses and the mosque were located in Natam Baru, three in Kayu Metangur, and one in Natam Lama.

The flash flood also destroyed a bridge, while the river basin area was covered by materials from the flash flood.

"At least 52 families in Lawe Mendrung hamlet in Natam Baru are taking refuge at Darul Hasanah Islamic Junior High School," he remarked.

The flash flood and landslide in Southeast Aceh were triggered by heavy rains in the past week.

Flash floods and landslides hit the three sub-districts of Ketambe, Badar and Lauser, Southeast Aceh, on Saturday (Nov 24) and Monday (Nov 26), destroying 60 houses, a bridge, and a national road and forced 216 people to take refuge.

Source: ANTARA News