K.S.A and its policy for the South Asian region

As soon as the Gulf region got in turmoil, the leading Gulf countries started reviving their ties with different countries and in this regard, the current government of Saudi Arabia has been ahead of the rest of other countries so far. One of its examples, is its efforts of enhancing ties even with the countries, with whom it had just normal relation and that is what which made it revive its foreign policy for the South Asian region and improve the ties with all the major South Asian countries such as Sri Lanka, India and none other than Pakistan, which has a brotherly relation with Saudi Arabia. But there is a significant shift in the foreign policy of Saudi Arabia about the South Asian region, as it has decided to improve the ties with India, which is one of Pakistan’s neighbors and has had intense relation with Pakistan intermittently. Now it is yet to see how these current improving ties with India by Saudi Arabia will, will affect its strong ties with Pakistan.

India is the strategic partner and Pakistan is its historic Ally

The foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia clearly stated that the Saudi Arabia’s relation with Pakistan will not get affected by the Kingdom’s ties with India and that sort of message from him, should be enough one for Pakistan to understand that Saudi Arabia will not overlook Pakistan and its importance while enhancing ties with India. During his visit to New Delhi, he stated that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s first visit to Saudi Arabia early next month, will increase the bilateral relations between both countries. One must appreciate his positive approach of balancing the relation of Saudi Arabia with both Pakistan and India by naming Pakistan as a historic ally during his visit to India. He went on to say that the state of Saudi Arabia has a better strategic relationship with India in all fields.

Will Saudi Arabia act as mediator to improve Pak-Indo relation?

The foreign minister of Saudi Arabia stated that the state of Saudi Arabia is ready to help out both Pakistan and India to normalize the relation and reduce the differences, but he made one thing much clear that Saudi Arabia will not impose itself into the conflict of both countries without any need. This seems to be a nice gesture by Saudi Arabia and one can think of K.S.A, acting as mediator to normalize the relation between Pakistan and India. He also added that the current state of Saudi Arabia believes that both Pakistan and India have a similar desire to normalize the ties and that the world has witnessed in the recent times, as the Prime Minister of Pakistan was invited to Indian Prime Minister’s oath taking ceremony and then the world has witnessed the Modi’s Birthday diplomacy with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.