SEOUL,  North Korea has successfully completed its “80-day campaign” that was launched by leader Kim Jong-un, state media reported Friday, touting, in particular, the country’s efforts to build an “iron wall” against the global coronavirus pandemic.

In October, Kim ordered the launch of the “80-day campaign” to achieve the country’s national and economic goals by the end of the year ahead of a rare party congress scheduled for early January. It was launched as the North was striving to recover from typhoon damage, protracted antivirus work and global sanctions.

“The key target field of the 80-day campaign, the state emergency anti-epidemic work was further strengthened and anti-epidemic front was maintained as firm as an iron wall,” the Korean Central News Agency.

“The anti-epidemic wall that has been fortified as firm as an iron wall throughout the period of the 80-day campaign has been the noble manifestation of the fixed will of our Party and its transparent outlook on the people,” it added.

North Korea has claimed to be coronavirus-free but sealed its border and toughened quarantine steps since early last year.

The KCNA also reported on achievements in recovery efforts from back-to-back summertime typhoons that devastated many regions of the country. It also highlighted construction of houses in the northern border town of Samjiyon and factories in other areas.

North Korea has not said when the 80-day campaign was completed, but experts say it was finalized Wednesday based on the North’s media reports. The North appears to be highlighting the success of the campaign ahead of the party congress likely to take place in the coming days.

Source: Yonhap News Agency