SEOUL, South Korea's defense ministry said Monday it will establish an independent organization to deal with sex-related crimes in the military.

The move comes at the advice of a government-civilian committee on eradicating deep-rooted malpractices in South Korea's 625,000-strong armed forces.

The #MeToo campaign is sensational in South Korea, affecting various sectors of society.

The Ministry of National Defense plans to launch the independent body tasked with overseeing its policy on fighting sexual violence.

The ministry added that it will review ways to strengthen expertise and independence in handling sex-related incidents.

The ministry will also look into how the military has handled sex offenses by general-grade officers over the past 10 years, which mostly happened under the previous conservative administration.

"As seen in the recent #MeToo movement, the sex assault problem in our society is at a serious level," Defense Minister Song Young-moo said. "The military is also aware that sex crimes are a dangerous element that undermines the nurturing of a strong military."

Source: Yonhap News Agency